Bavukile Business Administration Is Our Legal Name, We Are An Independent Fiduciary Black Owned Services Entity And We Pride Ourselves With Offering Cutting Age Accounting and Business Administration Service To Our Clients.

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The Best In Our Field

To become a leading provider of fee-based Accounting and Business Administration Services to the changing needs of the democratic & growing companies & individuals of South Africa.

Innovative Solutions

We provide these services with skilled capabilities and integrated science designed solutions to meet our clients needs.

A Trusted Partner

We aim to be our customers' most trusted partner; to be passionate about helping them optimise their net assets thus achieve their lifetime financial goals. We believe that business owners should be able to focus on their core business, all the while feeling secure in the knowledge that their finances are being managed effectively by professionals.


Bavukile Business Administration

Bavukile Business Administration is our legal name, we are an independent fiduciary black owned services entity and we pride ourselves with offering cutting age service to our clients. Our team is made out of qualified professionals who have vast experience in the industry. Every member of our team is personally responsible for ensuring that the quality of Bavukiles services is optimal. Their personal commitment to compliance with highest professional ethics, standards and companies quality controls is the foundation for commitment that you will receive professional excellency.

We has the ability and the capacity to service large and complex transactions. Our directors are accessible to our clients on each engagement and are unwavering in our commitment to provide straightforward advice.

Our clients acknowledge both our sound business judgment and our innovative and disciplined application of specialist skills, where quality of delivery includes not just technical expertise but also focused attention and lasting, cost-effective approach. Our worldwide network enables the sharing of expertise and experience, and underpins the ability of local teams to offer our clients globally relevant advice, grounded in local knowledge.

Competitive Advantage

Our team possess skills and expertise gained over several decades working for leading companies in South Africa. Our senior management are hands-on and committed in running of the business and have knowledge about the legislations, technical and operational requirements in the industry.

We as the corporation proud ourselves with tailor made solutions to our diverse clients. We are a 100% black-owned entity thus facilitating better understanding to the needs of clients from previously disadvantaged groups. The company is a level 1 B-BBEE contributor. Our entity charges very competitive fees in adhoc, shortterm, and longterm contracts.

We have an optimally good sized company which means we have the financial security, infrastructure and customer base to maximise efficiencies and services yet we retain the personal touch, giving clients a personal, friendly and reliable service.

We have a large staff of skilled, experienced people, multiple sites, and advanced operational systems who deliver the below with easy. Strong motivation and dedication to deliver exceptional outcomes, Value for money and high returns on consulting investment, A partnership with our clients to design and embed lasting solutions, A pragmatic approach with a focus on tangible benefits, An understanding of the local environment that ensures delivery of insightful, practical, value-adding solutions.


We provide innovative solutions with skilled capabilities and integrated science designed not limited to:

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Bookkeeping & Accounting Services:
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Maintaining the organizations records in accordance with the Policies and Procedures,
Preparation of the Annual Financial Statements,
Business Administration:
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Designing of Internal Control Systems to enable the organizations to conduct its business easily, effective and profitable,
Designing of good Corporate Governance operations
Designing of Internal Control Systems to enable the organizations to limit the chance of risk.
Business Registrations of:
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Close Corporations | Private Companies | Trademarks Logos and designs | Copyrights
Relevant and applicable licences
Any other relevant authorities
Preparation of Business Plans
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Drawing of business plans,
Drawing of business profiles,
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Completion of the ITR returns,
Completion of the VAT returns
Completion of any other SARS returns
Attending to any SARS queries on behalf of the clients.
Company Secretarial Services
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Completion, maintenance and record keeping of the organizations Statutory records,
Completion and filling of statutory returns.
Assisting with any other secretarial services.
Payroll Services
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Maintenance of the payroll per clients agreement,
Producing and printing of payslips,
Producing required reports including PAYE, UI,F SDL, ETC,
Filing of the reports with relevant authorities,
Completion and filing of required returns,
Completion, maintenance and record keeping of the organizations payroll records.
Management Consulting
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Providing advise on working capital
Providing advice on cashflows
Drawing and implementation of internal control


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